Expedia Guide Assists LGBT Travelers

For LGBT travelers, how gay-friendly a city is can be an important consideration when traveling. Whether intending to meet other gay people, or hoping to walk around holding hands with your same-sex partner in peace, gay travelers face additional precautions when planning their vacations.

Expedia recognized the needs of LGBT travelers and partnered with the International Gay & Lesbian Travel Association to offer a gay travel guide. The gay travel site includes information on LGBT-welcoming hotels, guides for the top LGBT travel destinations, information on gay cruises, and a list of LGBT events and festivals.

Ten national travel destinations and five international destinations are highlighted as LGBT hot spots. The recommended international locations are Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Paris and London. The national LGBT-friendly destinations are Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, New Orleans, Palm Springs, Provincetown, Puerto Vallarta, San Francisco, Toronto and South Florida.

About 500 hotels are currently listed as gay-welcoming, although some of the hotel listings seem a bit arbitrary. This isn’t surprising given that it can be difficult to determine which hotels are and aren’t gay-friendly. In New York City, the Hilton New York is included in the listing, while the Bowery hotel is not. In Miami, the Standard is on the list, while the W isn’t.

The LGBT travel store is useful in far away destinations, where travelers may be especially unsure whether a destination is LGBT-friendly. In the United Arab Emirates one gay-friendly hotel is listed, while no gay-friendly hotels are listed in the entire continent of Africa.

Many LGBT travelers consider picking an LGBT-friendly destination and hotel to be very important to ensure a relaxing vacation. But researching and picking the right destination and hotel can be a time-consuming process. The new Expedia travel guide should make it that much easier for LGBT people to plan their next vacations.

Photo credit: Bruce Tuten