“Exporting Hate” Exposes Role of U.S. Evangelicals in Uganda

The climate toward gay people in Uganda is terrifying. Gay Ugandans can already face up to 14 years in prison for homosexual acts. And now, with the Parliament considering legislation proposed by David Bahati that would impose the death penalty or life imprisonment on offenders of “homosexual acts,” the situation may become much worse. Gay Ugandans are already being harassed and forced out of their communities. The bill requires Ugandans to report suspected homosexuals to the police, further ostracizing gay Ugandans from their families and friends.

Research into the origins of the bill show that conservative Americans are behind the bill and used their influence and status as representatives of the United States to convince Ugandans that they should hate LGBT people. Not only were conservative Americans supportive of the bill and trying to spread their agenda, but the president of Uganda and Bahati, who introduced the bill, are both members of “The Family,” a U.S.-based anti-gay organization.

“The Family” is one of the most powerful Christian organizations in Washington, D.C., and has had ties to Uganda since 1986. Bahati has publicly admitted that he is a part of “The Family” and expressed frustration that “The Family” distanced themselves from him and didn’t rally behind him after he introduced the bill.

In the Life Media, an organization that produces media exposing social injustice toward LGBT people, is helping to get the word out about “The Family” and their influence in Uganda. As a part of their In the Life LGBT TV show, they produced a documentary on Uganda, called Exporting Hate. The documentary is available online on Youtube by clicking here, and embedded at the end of this post.

“The Family,” of course, should stay out of Ugandan politics. It’s bad enough that the group supports anti-gay politics here in the United States. But exporting their hate through the false guise that they represent the American viewpoint is nothing short of deceitful and wrong.

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Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons