Creating a Cultural Center for Queer Youth in Seattle

Queer youth are often forced to stay in the closet by closed-minded parents, schools, friends and communities. Those who come out of the closet often fall victim to teasing and harassment. Some queer youth find themselves with no safe space to go to and no community to turn to.

So it’s almost a no-brainer that queer youth need a space to connect with the LGBT community and get relevant resources. The City of Seattle made an exciting decision that will help out its LGBT youth, providing them with the safe space and resources they need.

Seattle recommended that Queer Youth Space receive almost $100,000 to create a cultural center on Capitol Hill. The cultural center will be created as a part of the Three Wings Proposal. The center will be youth-led and offer a space for cultural arts and activism. The $100,000 is a Large Project Fund, supplied by the City of Seattle’s Department of Neighborhoods.

Queer Youth Space is a grassroots movement that works on creating spaces for queer youth. These spaces allow young queer people to get the support they need, become a part of a community, and work to eliminate heteronormativity. The cultural center on Capitol Hill will also contain a Wellness Collaborative to address disparities in the quality of life of queer youth. Some of the services that the Wellness Collaborative will provide include counseling and academic support.

The cultural center will also include a Research and Education Institute to study how culture negatively impacts the LGBT community. This section of the center will help LGBT people by providing educational resources and providing outreach to groups such as schools and government agencies based on its findings.

Seattle’s queer youth will benefit greatly from the cultural center. It will help to eliminate the isolation experienced by queer youth who aren’t accepted by those around them. It will also help through its advocacy with the community, improving awareness about LGBT issues. By providing a cultural center for queer youth, the City of Seattle is taking a huge step toward improving the lives of its LGBT residents.

Photo credit: WordRidden