Is it Wrong to Prevent Lesbian Babies?

Most people within the LGBT community believe that homosexuality is a result of nature. But what are the implications of that belief? Can homosexuality be cured?

Research to cure homosexuality has been shunned by the LGBT community. When scientists attempted to change the orientation of gay sheep, it resulted in outrage. Should scientists be allowed to conduct research that can so easily be misused?

The controversial nature of this work hasn’t stopped pediatric endocrinologist Maria New. Dr. New, who graduated from Mount Sinai School of Medicine and Florida International University, has been treating pregnant women with an experimental hormone in an attempt to prevent the birth of girls who like other girls, have an “abnormal” disinterest in babies, or exhibit behaviors or preferences that are “too masculine.” New claims that heterosexuality is akin to “normal sexual development” and that nothing should stop women from becoming mothers when they have “all the machinery for motherhood.”

New’s philosophy suggests that all women should be heterosexual, feminine, and involved in stereotypically female work. New is intervening with nature and preventing natural diversity by imposing her morality on others.

And she’s doing it at the risk of the health of children. Apparently, preventing homosexuality is more important than children’s health.

The drug that New is using on pregnant women, dexamethasone, is experimental and risky. While Maria New is claiming the drug is safe, it has not been approved by the FDA. These experimental drugs should not be used on pregnant women, especially not in attempt to cure homosexuality. The problem is not homosexuality, it’s discrimination from society. Regardless of New’s homophobia, the American Psychiatric Association decided that homosexuality is not a mental illness in 1973.

Parents should not be having children if they aren’t ready to accept that their child may be gay. Scientific research attempting to prevent homosexuality is wrong, especially when the research involves health risks. Rather than trying to stop the birth of LGBT people, Dr. New and others should work to increase acceptance of the diversity of sexual orientations.

Photo credit: 3Neus