Anti-Gay Tour Lacks Supporters … and Covers Bus in Stock Photos

The National Organization for Marriage is on a tour, called the “Summer for Marriage, One Man-One Woman Tour”. They’re taking a bus across the country and holding “a series of 20 rallies to encourage supporters to stand up for marriage.” Luckily, their rallies have drawn almost no support, with only twenty or thirty attendees at their recent Maine rally.

As if that isn’t pathetic enough, apparently the organization couldn’t even find families who were willing to have their picture on their bus. The families depicted on the sides of their tour bus are actually actors from generic stock photos. The photos of families that appear next to NOM advertisements were found for sale on a stock photo website. These actors could very well support LGBT equality, yet they are plastered on the bus as if they are representatives for NOM.

Couldn’t NOM have found people within the organization, who agree with their mission, to be photographed for the bus?

As if this isn’t low enough, NOM is looking for ways to attack LGBT people. One of the NOM bus tires was slashed by a vandal, causing a six-hour delay. The driver stated: “While I stepped away from the Marriage Tour RV… someone, who clearly has their mind set on same-sex marriage punctured close to a two-inch-long hole into the rear, driver side wheel of the RV.” He claims it was a remarkable low for “activists of the homosexual agenda” who have “resorted to these tactics during the Proposition 8 campaign in CA.”

Wait a second, didn’t he say that he was away from the bus and didn’t see who the vandal was? How does he know that it was an activist of the homosexual agenda?

How come a gay basher gets out of hate crime charges because shouting “faggot” is “just typical trash-talking,” yet an unknown vandal is proof that gay people are resorting to vandalism as one of their tactics?

It seems like NOM is beginning to see that they don’t have a leg to stand on when attacking LGBT people. They resort to blaming gay people without any evidence, using stock photos to give the impression of followers, and holding rallies with few attendees. It seems like even those against LGBT equality aren’t willing to support NOM.

Photo credit: Sideshow Bruce