Should the LGBT Community Back Hillary Instead of Obama?

During the Democratic primary elections and then the 2008 presidential elections, much of the LGBT community was supportive of Barack Obama. Resting on a slogan of change and making many promises to the LGBT community, he seemed like the candidate who would help the LGBT community.

Now, many LGBT voters feel that Obama hasn’t lived up to his promises. The Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) is still preventing same-sex marriages, and soldiers are still being discharged under “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” Some LGBT people feel disappointed in the slow rate of progress, convinced Obama could do more for the LGBT community. Many of those disappointed in Obama’s inaction wish they could turn back time and vote for Hillary Clinton. Others are hoping that Hillary Clinton will run in the 2012 presidential race, giving her a chance to show what she can do for the LGBT community.

Chicago dentist William DeJean is among those hoping that Hillary Clinton will become president in 2012. In fact, he’s so wed to the cause that he’s already purchased a $5,000 advertisement spot for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign (making it the first TV commercial of the 2012 presidential campaign). Clinton has denied interest in running for president in 2012, but that isn’t stopping DeJean from advertising for her. His ad began to run last Wednesday in New Orleans and may also run in Washington, New York, Los Angeles, and Houston.

DeJean believes that Clinton would have done more for equality than President Barack Obama has done.

According to DeJean, “there’s a lot of buyer’s remorse with Obama.” With regards to gay rights, DeJean comments that he thinks “she would have done what she said she was going to do.” In contrast, DeJean feels that Obama hasn’t followed through on his promises.

He also added, “Bill Clinton recently came out for gay marriage. I am certain that eventually Hillary Clinton would have come out for gay marriage.”

Whether or not that’s true, Hillary could have easily surpassed Obama and done more for LGBT equality. But would she have? We only have speculation.

How hard Hillary would have fought for LGBT rights is unclear. But it is clear that it’s far from Obama’s priority. I know that I, for one, am with DeJean — if Hillary runs for president in 2012, perhaps the LGBT community should give her a chance and get behind her. What do you think? Has Obama given us enough reason to believe in his campaign promises of change?

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons