In The Life Steps Up To Stop Harmful Stigmas

There is a high human cost to the stigmas surrounding HIV and AIDS, with misinformation and fear creating problems within the justice system and society as a whole. These stigmas ultimately cause laws to criminalize HIV.

This month, In The Life, a public television program covering LGBT issues, takes a look at how stigma affects the justice system and how myths and fear about AIDS caused harmful laws. According to In The Life, “more than 30 states have laws criminalizing HIV exposure, transmission or nondisclosure of an individual’s HIV status.” These laws are meant to prevent the disease from spreading, but instead, they hurt those with HIV.

The program, called “The Cost of Stigma,” also covers how misconceptions about bisexuality may link bisexuality and poor health. Research shows that bisexual women face a massive health disparity, and that this health disparity may be caused by systemic stigma and invisibility of the community of bisexual women.

Click here to watch the video online, or check out the video below. Hopefully, In the Life will start a sort of educational movement — everyone should help to raise awareness about these issues in order to combat harmful stigmas and misinformation.

Photo credit: In The Life Media